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30% Boost In Traffic By A Few Little Changes

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30% Boost In Traffic By A Few Little Changes

Ok guys so this is just quick little show and tell about how I boosted my organic web traffic to my website by making just a few little changes.

Lowered keyword density

So I wrote my on page SEO with the 2006 mentality, which was a big mistake because keyword density used to be anything you liked really as long as it wasn’t stupid. So my on page SEO keyword density was like 10% or something, which read ok but the problem was my software product names also had keywords in them. So it was all waayyyy toooo high. So I lowered that by taking out tons of keywords or changing some to LSI’s. The pages then ranked really well.

SSL Change

Because I made all these changes at once I’m not sure how well this made my pages rank but it seemed to of helped. I installed an SSL certificate and I think it not only helped my conversion rate but it also helped my pages rank. I got an SSL certificate for £7 which is a bargain, I know you can get them for free but I’m not so sure about the quality of the free ones in Googles eyes.

On Page SEO – Google Insights 

I ran my website through google insights and got an appalling score of like 20/100 or something. Google literally said your page is poor for users. So I did a ton of stuff like lowering the sizes of images, changing the order of CSS and JavaScript loading, enabling Gzip compression on the server, enabling mod expire so the browser can locally cache images and other HTML/JS assets, such as the massive Twitter bootstrap files.


ALL my pages are ranking much better now, and it just cost me an SSL certificate and some time. Annoyingly I actually had to rebuild my entire server because I couldn’t get mod expired and mod deflate to work together without crashing Apache but that’s another story 😉

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