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The Big Switch To SSL For Affiliate Marketing

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The Big Switch To SSL For Affiliate Marketing

So you wana rank? I wana rank to…that means we’re competing. We need an edge over each other. What can we do that’s easy to implement, costs nothing and will give a boost to every single page on your website.


Yep, its that simple. You can get a free SSL certificate like Lets Encrypt or you can get a cheap paid one like a Rapid 7 SSL cert , which is what I think I’ll probably opt for. Now Google did actually recently say in a Google webmaster hangout video that it doesn’t matter how much you spend on an SSL certificate as long as it does the job of protecting the website then Google values them all the same. However there are two reasons I am going to a paid certificate….


  1. What if they change there mind because all the black hat SEO people just start using SSL certs for boosts?
  2. What if there machine learning detects that webpages with amazingly expensive SSL certs have better quality content / websites. Which is probably true…

Anyways that’s the end of my SSL rant today sirs and ladies. I hope you enjoyed and by the way those are not affiliate links for SSL certificates 😉

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