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Join me on my SEO + Internet Marketing journey

My name is Jack Starr and I’m learning how to be an affiliate marketing super dude! Join me on my journey, I’m ranking with SEO and even trying my hand at paid ads. My ultimate aim is to make $1000 a day someday. I know its possible because I see other dudes doing it! I’ll be making use of the free software thats around the web, and also spending some money on some paid solutions when I feel they are worthy. I’ll be reviewing that software here by the way. Because to be honest there is a mountain of internet marketing software and to be honest most of it is ****. But you probably already knew that as if you’re like me you probably get targeted constantly with rubbish facebook ads about the next big software release that will you make you rank amazingly high in the SERPs!

Much love and so much more SEO goodness to come people!

P.S I think my first post is going to be about switching to SSL, you can’t be too careful these days online. and Google recently said this is actually a ranking signal now even if its a cheap free one.

Internet Marketing Pros and Cons so far as of 19/10/2017.


  • Highly scalable, if you get onto a winner you can scale things massively with facebook ads and email maketing etc
  • Work from anywhere, you can sit on a beach and pump out fun code or manage your social accounts while sipping on cocktails
  • Need your fingers and brain only. If don’t have to worry about injuries from hard labour.
  • Everything is always changing so there are always new opportunities.


  • Not regulated in anyway so its full of idiots just ripping people off
  • Still some decent people like Jamie from http://www.SupaGrowth.com making free software but most of the time free stuff is some sort of con.
  • Highly saturated market due to low barriers of entry – doesn’t cost anything to start a blog or Twitter account so the market is PACKED full of competitors
  • Family and friends will never understand your job, don’t even bother trying to explain it to them

UPDATE 12/08/2018 – Added a new post http://www.jackstarr.com/2018/08/12/the-future-of-link-building-and-guest-posting-2018/